PROTECT Laser Sunglasses Terminator

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PROTECT Laser Sunglasses Terminator • Application: Protection against laser pointer... mehr
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PROTECT Laser Sunglasses Terminator

• Application: Protection against laser pointer attacks (RGB)
• Protects against laserpointer available in the market in the visible and partly non-visible light spectrum
• Design: combines all the requirements that can be applied to a modern laser protection goggles
• Height and length adjustable temples and the softwings provide a good wearing comfort
• Direct air circulation through openings between windows and frame
• Side protection: wide visor ensures perfect side protection without restricting the field of view
• Mechanical protection: continuous material - protection even in case of scratching
• Correction insert: RX clip with easy locking through the nose bridge, blind glazed
• Thanks to a transparent interchangeable lens, the glasses can also be used as shooting glasses or goggles
• Replacement lenses: replacement lens clear (no laser protection, polycarbonate) or replacement lens gray (sunglasses) (not included)
• Material: impact resistant polycarbonate
• Filter color: brown
• VLT: 18% (Visible Light Transmission)
• Coating: anti-scratch and anti-fog
• Color frame: black

Certified according to DIN EN 207, DIN EN208, DIN EN166: 2002-04 F

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