KIMI Chemical Escape Mask

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The KIMI mask is designed to provide users with short-term respiratory protection during... mehr
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The KIMI mask is designed to provide users with short-term respiratory protection during situations involving chemical spills and warfare. The KIMI mask enables the fastest response time and evacuation during emergencies involving respiratory hazard and toxic air, making it the best protection solution in situations where low levels of IDLH gases are present. The KIMI mask offers high protection and utmost comfort enabling rapid response making both the worker and safety officer levelheaded.

The KIMI protects its wearer against organic gases and vapors with a boiling point higher than 65°C, certain inorganic gases and vapors, Sulphuric gases and other acidic gases and vapors, Ammonia and Ammonia derivatives. The KIMI filters are fitted with electrostatic particle filtration P2.

The KIMI has been custom crafted to meet the needs of the following sectors:

  • Mining, oil and gas
  • Chemical and petrochemical industries
  • Civilian institutions and high-rise buildings
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