POWERPROTEC, EVO4, ballistic body armour, SK3

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Ballistic vest SK3 This body armor EVO4 offers maximum freedom of movement, high breathability... mehr
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Ballistic vest SK3

This body armor EVO4 offers maximum freedom of movement, high breathability and an unprecedented comfort in all situations.

The stretch fabric is very durable, soft, gentle, skin-friendly..

This bulletproof vest has an anti-trauma lining which is present throughout the area of coverage. The specially developed high-tech inlay, does reduce the trauma to about 25mm or to a volume of about 54 cm3 without sacrificing comfort.

Bulletproof vest EVO4 based on a modular system. Protects the back, chest and shoulders. Protection class 3 means that a 9 mm Para ball, fired from a distance of 10 m does not leave a trauma of more than 4 cm leaves (and in this vest only 25mm). Water resistant. No plastic or metal inlay, therefore very high wearing comfort. Washable outer shell. With zipper, rear left, so that the vest can be pulled off quickly.

Developped, designed and manufactured completely in Switzerland.

Special Colors and Sizes available on request.

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