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VFS3WC - Video Fibrescope with Working Channels

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Video Fiberscope with Working Channels The Video Fiberscope with Working Channels combines... mehr
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Video Fiberscope with Working Channels

The Video Fiberscope with Working Channels combines the use of three EOD specific tools with the Video Fiberscope. A tripod grasper tool, alligator grasper tool, or wire cutter tool can be inserted and controlled from the base of the unit’s flexible neck. The tools exit out the distal end of the probe for in-package manipulation while the camera simultaneously captures all activity inside the package. Utilizing these three tools with a camera allows EOD operators to gain visual access into a package while manipulating the content from one entry hole.


Working Channel Tools
Wireless video transmission
Low-light B/W camera
SD card video recording
Snapshot still image capture
Brightness controlled internal light supplement
5 hours of runtime
Resilient construction
Optional hard-wire operation

DVR Recording: The SD card recording option incorporates an internal mini DVR. The camera system records real-time video of live operations and training scenarios directly to a high capacity SD card. This recording feature is specifically designed for review and archiving of post operational video.

In This Kit

One: Video Fiberscope with Working Channels
One: Hard-wire cable (compatible with Handheld Monitor)
One: Focus tool
One: Monitoring option (Handheld, Wrist Mounted, Monocular Micro Viewer, or Heads-Up Display)
One: Wire piercer tool with 24 x disposable piercers
One: Three nail grasper tool
One: Wire cutter tool
One: Storm Case® for stable storage environment

Working Channel Tools: These tools allow EOD technicians to identify vulnerabilities and solve them out of the initial drill hole, reducing “time-on-target” and increasing the operator’s precision. The tools also minimize vibration, light introduction, and overall disruption of the target.

- Wire piercer tool
- Alligator grasper tool
- Wire cutter tool

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