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VFS3 - Video Fibrescope

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Video Fiberscope The upgraded Video Fiberscope introduces three new features: video recording,... mehr
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Video Fiberscope

The upgraded Video Fiberscope introduces three new features: video recording, snapshot image capture, and a brightness controlled internal light source. The 8mm diameter probe articulates up to 160 degrees in four directions, supplying operators with covert visual access to rooms, vehicles, and packages. Combining an internal light source with a low light B/W camera, the VFS3 provides vision in low ambient light environments. Real-time wireless video may be viewed on our Wireless Monitors.


Wireless video transmission
Low-light B/W camera
SD card video recording
Snapshot still image capture
Brightness controlled internal light supplement
5 hours of runtime
Resilient construction
Optional hard-wire operation

In This Kit

One: Video Fiberscope designed for EOD operations
One: Monitoring option (Handheld or Wrist Mounted)
One: Focus tool
One: Hard-wire cable (compatible with Handheld Monitor)
One: Storm Case® with precision cut foam for stable storage environment

DVR Recording: The SD card recording option incorporates an internal mini DVR. The camera system records real-time video of live operations and training scenarios directly to a high capacity SD card. This recording feature is specifically designed for review and archiving of post operational video.

Camera Distal Tip: The probe of the VFS3 articulates in four directions up to 160 degrees. The probe is 8mm in diameter with the camera housed in the distal tip. The fiberscope uses a high quality 0.005 lux black and white camera giving it higher resolution and more light sensitivity than any other on the market.

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