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Prosecutor - Alarm Diagnostic Tool

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Prosecutor The Prosecutor is an active commercial alarm diagnostic tool capable of measuring... mehr
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The Prosecutor is an active commercial alarm diagnostic tool capable of measuring voltage and current in 8 circuits simultaneously. The data generated by this device can be applied to bypass intrusion detection systems.


High accuracy in-line current measurement
Clamshell wire piercer greatly simplifies wire management for in-line measurements
16 secure connections are made in just a few cubic inches
Step-by-step on-screen guidance and safety checks during the connection process
The information displayed allows for quick and easy pairing of power and sensor wires
Compares all wires that are common to the sensor ground, and determines which wire is the ‘best’ ground
Displays all information required to calculate a successful substitution value
Optional Breakout Box (BOB) allows for removal of the Prosecutor brain from the Remote Wire Piercer so it can be used on another sensor (additional Remote Wire Piercer required)
BOB provides insertion points for bypass/substitution modules
Powered by CR123A 3V Lithium batteries.

In This Kit

One: Prosecutor Display Unit
One: Remote Wire Piercer
Optional: Breakout Box (BOB)

* Law Enforcement and Military exclusive

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