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IntelliGEN 5000 Flex Fuel Generator V2.5

IntelliGEN 5000 Flex Fuel Generator V2.5
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INI’s pioneering Flex Fuel Generators with OMNIVORE™ Engine Technology provide the real-time... mehr
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INI’s pioneering Flex Fuel Generators with OMNIVORE™ Engine
Technology provide the real-time solution to bridge power and energy
capability gaps. The increased capabilities of INI technology convert
commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS), gasoline only generator systems
into flexible and versatile multi-fuel (MF) systems, capable of operation
with a large array of compressed and liquid fuels, including light and
heavy distillate fuels.
INI’s agnostic fuel architecture allows for the use of ANY FUEL, in ANY
AOR, in ANY COMBINATION, thereby allowing War fighters to
generate power from any military logistical fuel, in addition to any fuels
available off of the local economy, including contaminated fuels
typically found in remote AORs for a wide-ranging number of mission

• Lightweight, “Two Man Portable”
• Right sized for spot power and battery charging
• Quiet, smaller noise signature than currently
fielded generators
• Plug-in compatible with Trinity™ Systems or
stand-alone 4000W)
• Uses multiple fuel types (JP-8, F-34 “NATO”,
gasoline, propane, methanol, isopropanol)
• Immediate functionality on startup - No waiting
• Auto turn down when load is low
• Four AC output jacks
• 2,000 hour rated lifetime low maintenance
• 2,000 hour/2 year limited warranty (repair or
• Tunable for high elevation
• Heavy Drop Capable
• Continuous power rain or shine

Package Contents
1 x 5kW IntelliGEN™ Generator
1 x 30 amp Splitter Cable
3 x Quart of Generator Oil
1 x Initial Oil Charge Bottle
1 x Quick Start Guide
1 x Operators Manual
1 x Field Maintenance Kit
6 x Ether Can*
*Ether Cans will be removed for AIR SHIPMENTS
Generator Specs
Start System: Electric start with automatic choke (optional wireless
remote start and shut down)
Power Peak: 5000W
Nominal: 4000W, Turn Down: 0W
Generator Output Voltage: 120VAC, 240VAC, 20 AMP GFCI, 30 AMP
fused at 60 Hz
Dry Weight: 200 lb (91 kg)
Noise: 58-60 dBA at 7m
Operating Temp: -4o to 140o F / -20°C to 60°C
Engine: Displacement, 357cc, OHV, air cooled, 4 stroke, single cylinder
AC Output Power Connectors: NEMA L5-30 (1), NEMA L14-30 (1),
NEMA 5-15 (GFCI) (2)
Internal Tank: 4.5 Gal, Integrated tank for liquid fuels, quick connect for
XRTTM (Refuel with out generator shut down)
Dimensions: 36.7" x 26.3" x 30.2”
Color: CARC Tan or Green

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