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IntelliGEN 2000 Flex Fuel Generator V2.5

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INI-TS-IG2000-ICMF IntelliGEN™ 2000 Flex-Fuel Generator (Made in the USA, U.S. Patent... mehr
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IntelliGEN™ 2000 Flex-Fuel Generator
(Made in the USA, U.S. Patent 9,175,601, U.S. Patent 9,188,033, and other U.S. and
foreign patents pending)
- Can use multiple fuel types (JP-8/F-24, F-34
“NATO”, gasoline, propane, methanol,
- Lightweight, “One Man Portable”
- Quiet, small noise signature
- Plug-in compatible with Trinity™ Systems or stand-alone
- Immediate functionality on startup - No waiting
- Auto turn down when load is low
- 2,000 hour rated lifetime, low maintenance
- 2,000 hour/2 year limited warranty (repair or replace)
- Tunable for high elevation

INI-TS-IG2000-ICMF Includes
1 x IntelliGEN™ 2000 Flex-Fuel Generator v2.5
(p/n INI-TS-IG2000-ICMF)
1 x Initial Oil Fill Bottle
1 x 12.5’ Extended Exhaust Piping w/ Clamp
1 x Parallel "Y" Cable w/ Adapter
1 x Field Level 2kW Maintenance Kit
1 x Operator Manual
2 x Cold start canister (Removed for Air shipment)
2 x Quart 10W40 Small Engine Oil
1 x Quick Reference Card

- Start System: Manual Recoil Start
- Max Peak Output: 2000W (Sea Level)
(Gasoline and JP-8/F-24)
- Gasoline Nominal Output: 1600W (Sea Level)
- Gasoline Nominal Voltage: 110-240VAC, 50 or60Hz, 12VDC
- JP-8/F-24 Nominal Output: 1250W (Sea Level)
- JP-8/F-24 Nominal Voltage: 110-240VAC, 50 or
60Hz, 12VDC
- AC Output Power outlets: Customer Specified
- DC Output Power outlets: 12V 8A (1)
- Dry Weight: 44.7 lb. (20 kg)
- Dimensions: 20.5" x 14.5" x 17.9"
(521 mm x 369 mm x 455 mm)
- Operating Temp: -4⁰F to 122⁰F / -20°C to 50°C
- Storage Temp: -40°F to 176°F (-40°C to 80°C)
- Operating Elevation: Sea Level to 10,000 ft.
(3048 m)
- Internal Tank: 1.1 gal (4.1 L), Quick connect for
compressed fuels
- Color: CARC Tan or Green

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