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IntelliGEN 500: 1000 Hour Consumables Kit

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INI-TS-IG500-ICMF IntelliGEN™ 500 Flex-Fuel Generator (Made in the USA, U.S. Patent... mehr
Produktinformationen "IntelliGEN 500: 1000 Hour Consumables Kit"

IntelliGEN™ 500 Flex-Fuel Generator
(Made in the USA, U.S. Patent 9,175,601, U.S. Patent 9,188,033, U.S. Patent 8,810,053 B2, and other U.S.
and foreign patents pending)

- Start System: Manual Recoil Start or
- Max Peak Output: 500W (Sea Level)
(Gasoline and JP-8/F-24)
- Nominal Output: 400W (Sea Level)
(Gasoline and JP-8/F-24)
- Output Voltage: 28VDC @ 14.3A, 5V USB
- Dry Weight: Less than 14.8lb. (6.7kg)
- Dimensions: 13” W x 9.25” D x 13.75” T
(without fuel tank) (330.2mm x 234.9mm x
- Operating Temp: -4°F to 122°F
(-20°C to 50°C)
- Storage temp: -40°F to 176°F
(-40°C to 80°C)
- Operating Elevation: Sea Level – 10,000 ft.
(3028 m)
- DC Output Power outlets: SAE Connector
(2), USB (2)
- External Tank: 1 L, Quick connect (Liquid
fuel), Quick connect for Jet Boil type fuels
- Color: CARC Tan or Green

INI-TS-IG500-ICMF Includes
1 x IntelliGEN 500 Flex-Fuel Generator v2.5
(p/n INI-TS-IG500-ICMF)
1 x Extended Run Tank 1L (.2gal)
(p/n INI-TS-XRT-1L)
1 x 12.5’ Extended Exhaust Piping
1 x Initial Oil Fill Bottle
1 x Field Level 500W Maintenance Kit
1 x Operator Manual
2 x Cold Start Canister (removed for air shipment)
1 x Quart 10w40 Small Engine Oil
1 x Quick Reference Card

- Can use multiple fuel types (JP-8/F-24, F-34 “NATO”,
gasoline, Jet Boil, (alcohol as an emergency fuel))
- Lightweight, Ruck Packable
- Quiet, small noise signature
- Plug-in compatible with Expeditionary Modular
Universal Battery Charger (eMUBC) & Soldier Power
Manager (SPM) simultaneously
- Immediate functionality on startup - No waiting
- Power, Charge, and Economy modes
- Low maintenance; Field maintainable
- 500 hours/2-year warranty (repair or replace)
- Tunable for high elevation

Optional Accessory
1 x Universal isoButane Adaptor Kit (UBAK™)
The UBAK™ enables fueling of the IG500 Flex-Fuel Generator with Jet Boil or equivalent ruck packable

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