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CORE Monitor  –  The CORE Monitor presents high-definition video from all CORE... mehr
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CORE Monitor – The CORE Monitor presents high-definition video from all CORE cameras over an AES Encrypted 5 GHz wireless channel.  The display screen is 5.0 inches and made of 1mm Gorilla Glass to provide extra durability and sunlight readable capability. When viewing video from a CORE Camera with Thermal Fusion technology, the CORE Monitor allows remote selection of the current view or thermal view with a single button press.  Additionally, the camera’s illumination can be enabled, disabled, or dimmed via the monitor’s rotary wheel.  The CORE Monitor features both backlit pushbuttons for critical, real-time controls, and a capacitive touch screen for pairing multiple CORE Cameras. An optional hardwire cable connection is available for RF-restricted environments.  Attach the CORE monitor to your wrist with our secure Velcro strap or use as a handheld monitor.



• Receives High-Definition 1280x720p Color Video on a 5.0in IPS LCD
• Secure pairing with multiple CORE camera systems
• Capacitive touchscreen for setup/configuration
• 1mm Corning Gorilla Glass screen
• Remote Camera Control for view selection and illumination/dimming
• Wireless Video Transmission – 5 GHz
• WPA2-PSK Authentication and AES Encryption
• Hardwire video option for RF-restricted environments
• Backlit push buttons

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