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CORE Pole Camera

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CORE Pole Camera with Thermal Fusion Technology -  Extend your vision and tactical... mehr
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CORE Pole Camera with Thermal Fusion Technology - Extend your vision and tactical inspections with the CORE Pole Camera. This telescoping HD pole camera combines extreme low light sensitivity with thermal fusion technology to provide unsurpassed detail and definition. The camera is attached to a telescoping POLE Grip, available in both 10ft and 17ft lengths. Poles are constructed of high density graphite, feature locking extensions and collapse to under 4ft for easy deployment and stow away.


Video is streamed wirelessly to the CORE monitor over an AES encrypted channel. An optional hardwire cable connection is also available. High-intensity visible and IR illumination is controlled and adjusted directly from the POLE Grip or remotely on the CORE Monitor. An omni-directional microphone gives you the option to record audio and video onto a 32 GB micro SD card. The CORE Pole Camera is powered by three CR123 batteries and delivers a runtime of 2.5 hours.



The CORE Pole Camera can be attached to the CORE Grip or the POLE Grip and includes the following features:

• High-Definition 1280x720p Monochrome Video
• Longwave infrared (LWIR) thermal imager
• 4 High-intensity White and LED Illumination, 0-100% dimmable
• Telescopic pole with locking sections; 10ft and 17ft options
• Lightweight high density graphite pole (POLE Grip)
• Omni-directional microphone
• Attaches to 10ft POLE Grip, 17ft POLE Grip, or CORE Grip
• Color Eyepiece with 1.0in AMOLED Display (CORE Grip)
• Wireless Video Transmission – 5 GHz
• WPA2-PSK Authentication and AES Encryption
• Graphical LCD for status information
• Hardwire video option for RF-restricted environments
• Backlit push buttons
• MicroSD card video recording (32GB)

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