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PCSS - Pole Camera Search System

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Pole Camera Search System The Tactical Electronics Pole Camera provides wireless video... mehr
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Pole Camera Search System

The Tactical Electronics Pole Camera provides wireless video surveillance and observation of subjects around corners and barriers. The multiple ‘quick-change’ extensions, flexible rotating camera heads, and innovative wireless technology make this system a must for every tactical operator. The Pole Camera can be submersed in up to 30 feet of water, allowing for use in poor weather or maritime situations. The systems includes a black & white and color camera head. A thermal camera head is also available for the Pole Camera. The durable and rigid design of the interlocking pole system makes this a great tool for pushing up ceiling tiles or the opening of an attic door. Most importantly, the wireless video capability allows you to maintain a safe separation distance from the threat.


Wireless video transmission 
Collapsed length of 23 inches 
Extended length of 80 inches 
Quick change extension length = 20 inches 
Quick change extension weight = 0.6 lbs. 
Rotating camera heads 
10 IR LEDS on B/W Camera 
Weighs less than 3lbs. 
Hard-wire video output 
Flexible rubberized neck 
Up to 8 hours runtime 
SD card recording (optional)

In This Kit

One: Pole handle assembly with integrated RF transmitter 
One: Black and White waterproof camera head 
One: Color waterproof camera head 
Two: Extension poles 
One: Hard-wire cable (compatible with Handheld Monitor) 
One: Monitoring option (Handheld or Wrist Mounted) 
One: Storm Case® with precision cut foam 

Optional Accessories: Thermal Imaging Camera Kit 

Optional DVR Recording: The SD card recording option incorporates an internal mini DVR. The camera system records real-time video of live operations and training scenarios directly to a high capacity SD card. This recording feature is specifically designed for review and archiving of post operational video. 

System Handle Assembly: The PCSS1 small handle assembly houses the wireless transmitter, battery compartment, motherboard, and other electronics needed to operate the system. This eliminates the inconvenience of transporting heavy battery packs or dealing with tangled cables.

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