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Training Devices: Booby Traps, CBR, IED Kits

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BOOBY TRAPS TRAINING AIDS DESCRIPTION: Tactical Electronics Booby Trap training aids will... mehr
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Tactical Electronics Booby Trap training aids will test and tune an operator’s ability to recognize and address concealed anti-personnel, area denial, or assassination device hazards. These training aids represent a variety of devices designed to protect clandestine operations such as drug and explosive labs, terrorist bomb building facilities, or hideouts.


DESCRIPTION: Tactical Electronics Chemical / Biological / Radiological training aids focus on several threats unique to the CBR mission. Operators will be faced with the complexities of diagnosing electric valves, pressure vessels, actuation motors, and dispersal ports while wearing protective equipment. Our fully functional CBR training aids are designed to dynamically disperse either a liquid or powdered agent upon being triggered. These devices will test every CBR Operator’s analytical and diagnostic skills beyond the challenges of a standard explosive hazard.


DESCRIPTION: Tactical Electronics IED Device Kits are thoughtfully planned deployable IED labs, ideal for IED training on the go or in down time on deployments. The IED Device Kits are organized in hard cases and include a number of theater specific (Operation Enduring Freedom, Maritime Interdiction Operations, etc.) IEDs and hazards. These kits also include rugged, high quality tools needed to maintain and rebuild the training aids and replacements for commonly consumed parts.

CIRCUITRY: While some Tactical Electronics Training Aids use authentic and rudimentary electronics for realism, many others leverage our proprietary MicroAXE© circuitry to increase training value. The MicroAXE© provides tonal feedback in the event the training aid is triggered and rearms automatically, allowing the exercise to continue without further interruption. To enhance the operator’s learning experience, the chirp codes indicate what caused the training aid to function. Please Contact us with any questions.

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