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  • 11.88.0105
  Details   Nighthawk Custom is excited not only about the Model T4 for what we... mehr
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Nighthawk Custom is excited not only about the Model T4 for what we designed it as but what the response has been from the consumer market. Designed for concealed carry may be the best of both worlds when it comes to muzzle controllability and magazine capacity in a 1911. The T4 contains some of the most evolutionary features offered by the company. The T4 resembles the popular T3, but on a 3.8" barrel platform. Reliability was the most important consideration when plans for the new pistol began, hence the 3.8" Nighthawk match grade barrel over the more popular but less reliable 3.5" or shorter barrel. Additionally, the Nighthawk Everlast Recoil System was modified to fit into the smaller T4 frame, thus reducing felt recoil and decreasing recovery time between shots. The frame is thinned just like Nighthawk's popular Lady Hawk. The proprietary barrel is crowned and recessed with the slide. On the outside, the front of the slide has cuts designed to reduce weight. They taper in towards the crowned barrel, giving a unique look to the T4 like no other handgun produced by Nighthawk. Grips are like the T3 and are thinned for less bulk. (available in 9mm or 45ACP)           






·         Finish: black nitride


·         Forged officer size frame


·         Match grade .45 ACP bull barrel (also available in 9mm)


·         Everlast Recoil System


·         Coarse front and rear cocking serrations


·         Carry cut on the front of the slide


·         Heinie Ledge Straight Eight Tritium night sights


·         G10 black alien grips


·         25 lines per inch checkered front strap and mainspring housing


·         Shortened slide stop and beveled frame


·         Lightweight aluminum Nighthawk Custom tri-cavity trigger


·         Completely dehorned for comfortable carry


·         New ultra hi-cut front strap




Sample Pictures – Pistols can be customized; Accessories not included unless specified


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Nighthawk Custom
CHF 5'099.00 *
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