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Handguns are called handguns for a reason; they’re designed to be shot by hand. So, it only makes sense that a handgun should fit the hand that’s shooting it. Working with master pistolsmith Richard Heinie, Nighthawk Custom has created what might be the ultimate concealed carry 1911. The grip frame on the Kestrel is one you won’t want to let go of. It has been thinned at the front and back, comes with slender stocks, and is matched to a commander length slide for ease of concealment. It fits your hand like Dad’s old hammer and carries like Grandpa’s pocketknife.               






·         Caliber: 45 ACP/ Match Grade Crowned and Recessed Barrel


·         Reduced Overall Frame Circumference


·         Magazine well beveled for insertion


·         Heinie Slant Pro Straight Eight Night Sights


·         Hand Serrated Rear of Slide


·         Heinie Signature Scalloped front strap and Mainspring Housing


·         Forged Frame and 4.25" Slide


·         Tactical Checkered Extended Magazine Release


·         Mainspring Housing contoured for ease of carry


·         Nighthawk Custom Ultra-Thin Alumagrips™


·         Standard Finish, Black Nitride with stainless controls




Sample Pictures – Pistols can be customized; Accessories and Ammunition not included unless specified


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Nighthawk Custom
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Nighthawk Custom
CHF 5'099.00 *
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