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  Details   The Tri-Cut is a custom creation that came from one of our... mehr
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The Tri-Cut is a custom creation that came from one of our innovative gunsmiths as part of his successful application to the American Pistolsmiths Guild. It’s a commander 9mm designed around a tri-cut, angled design. The slide, frame, mainspring housing, and grips have been tri-cut for a futuristic design. These unique cuts not only add to the appearance, but they make the grip thinner. A pneumatic stippling device is used to hand stipple the front strap, mainspring housing, bottom of trigger guard, flattened trigger, and magazine release to achieve a cutting edge design. To top off this distinct model, we have added a polished barrel that shows through ports near the front of the slide     






·         Finish: black nitride


·         Forged commander size frame and 4.25" barrel


·         Match grade 9mm bull barrel


·         Thinned tri-cut mainspring housing with the center flat stippled


·         Tri-cut front strap with the center flat stippled


·         Stippled bottom of the trigger guard


·         Round butt mainspring housing


·         Tri-cut slide with stippling on top of the slide


·         Course rear cocking serrations


·         Heinie Ledge Straight Eight Tritium rear sight


·         Nighthawk tritium front sight


·         Full length guide rod with bow tie plug


·         Angled mag release with stippled top


·         Curved Nighthawk slide stop with the bottom stippled


·         Black tri-cut aluminum grips


·         Semi-crowned barrel flush with bushing


·         Flat faced Nighthawk Custom trigger with the face stippled


·         Completely dehorned for comfortable carry


·         New ultra hi-cut front strap




Illustrated Weapon Accessories and Ammunition not included unless specified.


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Nighthawk Custom
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Nighthawk Custom
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