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Shadow Hawk With RMR

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The Shadow Hawk Government was designed with the help of Steve "Yeti" Fisher, formerly of Magpul Dynamics. Pulling from his background in law enforcement, training and his passion for competition, allowed a truly special pistol to be formed. Attention to detail starts with the machined steel one-piece magwell/mainspring housing for quick and sure reloading. You will notice the look and feel of the black flat faced trigger preferred by competition shooters. The aggressive cocking serrations are not just for looks but provide a sure purchase to rack the slide. The gun is topped with Trijicon Tall Tritium Night Sights. The rear sight is integral to the base plate used to mount the RMR. The Trijicon RMR (Ruggedized Miniature Reflex) allows faster sight acquisition and also helps those of you that are having a hard time seeing your sights. This gun is perfect for all your competitive shooting activities.     






·         Finish: black nitride


·         Forged government size frame and 5" barrel


·         Match grade 9mm barrel


·         Coarse front and rear cocking serrations


·         Ball radius cut on the slide


·         1-piece magwell/mainspring housing without lanyard loop


·         Trijicon Tall Tritium Night Sights; Rear sight built into RMR base plate


·         RMR (RM06): Eight brightness setting to manually adjust the reticle by pressing the plus or minus button on either side of the unit.


·         G10 black and gray spiral cut grips with Nighthawk logo


·         25 lines per inch checkered front strap and mainspring housing


·         40 lines per inch serrated rear of slide to match rear sight


·         Shortened slide stop and beveled frame


·         Crowned barrel flush with bushing


·         Lightweight aluminum flat faced solid trigger


·         Completely dehorned to remove all sharp edges


·         New ultra hi-cut front strap


·         Thick barrel bushing


·         Thick smooth recoil spring plug




Unless specified, shown wepon accessories or ammunition not included.


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