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Tomahawk Pistol-Grip Firearm

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  Nighthawk Tactical Remington 870 12 GA   The Tomahawk Pistol Grip Firearm is... mehr
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Nighthawk Tactical Remington 870 12 GA


The Tomahawk Pistol Grip Firearm is Nighthawk’s answer for your defense needs. With an overall length of only 26”, this firearm is able to hold 5+1 rounds of 12ga shotgun shells in a compact and maneuverable package. The Tomahawk has received the full Nighthawk Custom treatment to insure maximum reliability, smooth function, and the attention to detail that is expected in a Nighthawk. The Vang Comp backbore and barrel porting system helps minimize recoil and make this firearm as easy to shoot, as it is to maneuver.




·         Overall Length: 26.1"


·         Barrel Length: 16"


·         Hogue Overmolded Pistol Grip and Forend


·         Vang Comp Barrel Porting and Backbore


·         4 Round Side Saddle


·         Front Bead Sight


·         Big Button Tactical Safety


·         Hand Honed Action and Rails


·         1-Shot Machined, Solid Billet Extension Tube to Match Barrel Length


·         Black Cerakote Rust Resistant Finish




Weapon Accessories and Ammo not included unless specified.




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